“UCraft is an Massive MultiPlayer Online (MMO) open world sandbox game that is being developed for Wii U™

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UCraft is a Multi-Player open world sandbox that is being developed by Nexis Games exclusively for the Wii U™. In addition to delivering a multitude of textures and materials out of the box, UCraft will also offer plug and play compatibility with SDK Paint (A HullBreach Studios Wii U™ Drawing application) allowing users to customize and modify their UCraft experience specifically to their liking. The world in UCraft is never ending so the only limit is your imagination! UCraft will also deliver new innovation into the gaming world by allowing users to create and complete quests, missions and even user generated campaigns online. Players will have the ability to create a game within a game making the UCraft experience never ending and unlike any other.

• Never ending support and frequent updates • SDK Paint integration • A Never ending world • Survival Mode • Quests, Missions and a quest creation mode. • Wildlife and Mysterious creatures • Multiplayer (Local and Online) 2 Local and up to 16 for online. • Voice Chat

In the world of UCraft players will have the opportunity of choosing between 4 types of player classes. The types of classes available at launch will be Warrior, Magician, Sorceress and Engineer with more to come in future updates.

In the world of UCraft users will have the ability to Create Missions and campaigns online. The challenges you create can also be shared  for others to enjoy.

UCraft will allow players to the opportunity to build, create and explore with up to 16 players online. When players engage in campaigns or missions together, the role of “villain” will be randomly assigned to one of the party members at random.

Development of UCraft has completely taken over my life and to be honest I couldn’t be happier about it. The future of UCraft is bright because it will become my full-time job. That’s right I am prepared to devote all of my time to perfecting this game for the Wii U™ and making it something we can truly be proud of.

We realize how valuable your input is and that is why we have setup a blog on our website designed specifically for you to let us know what you would like to see in the world of UCraft. We check the blog daily and have already incorporated several suggestions from this blog into the game

Link to Blog: Nexis Games [UCraft – Share your ideas]

In short, I need your help to make this game great. UCraft deserves nothing but the best in Art, Music, Design and engineering and with your support we can make it happen!  By supporting this Kickstarter you ensure that UCraft will be great and something that we as Nintendo Lovers can be proud to call our own.

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Risks and challenges

Video game design is not easy; in fact it is one of the most advanced types of programing you can do. A video game is essentially one big loop that combines multiple elements such as art, music, thousands of lines of code and many other things into 1 seamless experience. The only possible risk UCraft faces would be its production time taking longer than expected and generally something like that would only occur from a lack of funding. In the unforeseen event that were to happen we would simply seek funding from an Investor or secure a private loan. I have already put everything I have into this business, so it’s all or nothing for me. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make UCraft a success

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