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Cadence of Hyrule confirmed for June 2019 release, new footage showcased

A Zelda Game? Lookout Gamers!

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Wepa Printing


Install WEPA Print Drivers

Drivers are softwa​re that allows your computer to recognize the WEPA printer. The driver install is a one time process! You only need to download once to print to any residence hall printer.
1.  ​Go to

2.  Select <Bridgewater State University>
from drop down Menu

3. Log In With your <BSU email and password>

4.  ​Select Windows PC or Mac OS by clicking

5.  Click <Run>

6.  Click <Next>

7.  Lisc Agreement:  Read and Click <I Agree>

8.  WEPA will begin installing then Click <Next>

9.  ​Click <Finish>         ​



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RUMOR – Smash Bros. Ultimate update points to Nintendo Labo VR compatibility, new amiibo functionality

Might Be Getting The Game!

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The Pokémon Company unveils new games, mobile apps, and hardware (official PR)

Pokemon To The Rescue!

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Nintendo Labo VR Kit – Accolades trailer

Nintendo Labo News

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Going To Launch This Weekend!

Hello Readers!

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First screens and details on the Mario Kart Tour beta

If you get in. Please let us know. Thanks

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Nintendo Switch pre-order trailer

Lookout! Brothers Are Coming Soon!!

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Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Test scheduled for May 22 through June 4

Another Email On It’s Way!

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Following NVIDIA’s latest financial report, analysts believe the company is set for a boost due to a Switch revamp

Hopefully We’ll Get Details For The Revamp Versions Coming Out!

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