Super Mario Maker 2 Direct – live-stream/blog

Live From Nintendo Of America!

Whatever goes down in today’s Super Mario Maker 2 Direct will be covered in this post. Watch the live-stream, or read up on the live-blog!

– you can now create slopes
– angry sun is included
– snake blocks can be used and paths can be created
– on/off switch changes blocks and more
– see-saws tilt under Mario’s weight
– Swinging claws let you build momentum for jumps
– freely set the water and lava levels
– custom scroll courses let you decide where the screen should scroll
– vertical sub areas can be made
– scroll-stop lets you create secret rooms
– Banzai Bill can come after Mario and have a homing function
– Dry Bones shells are included
– Big Coins are worth 10 coins, 30 coins, or 50 coins
– new sound effects to use
– make levels in co-op
– create clear conditions for stages like enemy defeats, coins, and more
– Twister throws you in the air – icicles drop from the top of the screen – red Yoshi breathes fire – parachutes slow down your falling speed – Boom Boom is included
– Story Mode has an entire game’s worth of courses. Beat courses to earn coins and rebuild the castle. More than 100 original courses included. Mario can reach more areas on the castle as it’s rebuilt.

– New themes include desert, snow, forest, and sky, all with new music from Koji Kondo
– change day to night, and grabbing the floating moon will take out all enemies
– the night option will change select gameplay options in various themes, and even changes certain items
– Super Mario 3D World theme is very different, and lets you do different things with its theme that you can’t do in other stages. The stages you make in other themes cannot transfer to Super Mario 3D World theme.
– Course World is an online hub where players from around the world can share their courses. Browse by popular, new, or search. You can search by tags as well. Play a course and leave a comment if enabled. Download courses to play at any time, even when offline. Each player has a maker profile, where you earn maker points. Customize your look in your profile with different outfits. Select difficulties to cue up specific challenges in Course World.
– Course World lets you enjoy multiplayer online with up to 4 players. Each player is assigned a character and you all race each other to get to the end of the course first.
– Multiplayer co-op mode has everyone work together to clear a course. 4 players can play locally as long as there are 4 players have a copy of the game and their own Switch.

– Switch Online vouchers cost $100 are are available to Switch Online members. They let you get two Switch games at special discounted prices.

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