Bridgewater State University

What is the “cloud computing”?
Cloud computing at BSU refers to accessing information technology services via the Internet regardless of where you are located.


How do I use Cloud PC?
There are multiple ways to connect to Cloud PC – via the web and via the client.  For quick access from your web browser, use the instructions below.  For a richer user experience, we recommend installing the Cloud PC VMWare Horizon Client.  Download the Cloud PC VMWare Horizon Mobile App on your iOS or Android device to have access from anywhere.
To use Cloud PC from a web browser:
1. Open your browser window to: 

The Information Technology division launched Cloud PC in the Spring 2016 semester. Cloud PC enables faculty, staff, and students to access their BSU applications from anywhere at anytime, via the web.  The “cloud” refers to information technology services that can be accessed via the Internet regardless of where the infrastructure is located.  As BSU continues to evolve, IT offers this new service to help meet the growing needs of the BSU community and enhance student success.
2. Enter your BSU username and password
3. Verify that BSC is selected in the domain field
4. Click the Login button
5. Once logged in, you will see a page that looks like this:
  1. Select Blast from the dropdown under protocol.
  2. Click Desktop under Connect to access the BSU Image using Cloud PC. You can now access the programs or files you need on the BSU network.


What services and applications are available via Cloud PC?

All applications currently available on the BSU image will be available to members of the BSU community.  This means all software accessible from a computer located in the BSU Open Access Labs you can get to from anyplace.  You can login from anyplace to use these programs with your BSU credentials.

Who can use Cloud PC?


The Cloud PC service will be available to all BSU students and employees starting with the Spring 2016 semester.



Can I access my department network (G:) drive using Cloud PC?


Yes, employees will be able to access files located on their department network (G:) drive using Cloud PC.


Can I save files while using Cloud PC?


You can not save files to the local machine, but you can save to your department network (G:) drive, login to Office 365 and save to OneDrive, or email files to yourself to save and access later.

Can I print using Cloud PC?

There are two ways to print via Cl​oudPC, depending on how the the connection to CloudPC is made.

When connecting via the CloudPC web portal, you can map to a network printer if needed.  You would need to map the printer every time you login if you need to print.  Instructions on mapping a network printer can be found in the IT Knowledgebase.

For more advanced functionality on a PC or Mac, including automatic printer mappings from the physical computer, VMware provides software that can be installed and configured to connect to your CloudPC session.

For a PC, click here for instructions

For a Mac, click here for instructions​


Can I access my email using Cloud PC?


Because you are using the equivalent to a lab image, you would need to configure Outlook every time you logged in.  We recommend accessing your email using the web client.  Employee email and and and and and Student email​ can be accessed online from any browser so you do not need to login to Cloud PC for email.

What web browser should I use to access Cloud PC?

While Cloud PC should work on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mobile Safari on iOS devices running iOS 6 or later, and Firefox, Google Chrome is the preferred browser.


Can I access Cloud PC from a Mac or iPad?

Yes, because Cloud PC is browser based, you can access it from any device with Internet access.



Should I select the Faculty, Student, or Staff image when I login to Cloud PC?

Use the faculty or student image to access academic applications.  Use the staff image to access administrative applications.


What does “Unable to allocate desktop, no desktops available” mean?

This message indicates that all licenses for Cloud PC are currently in use.  Please try to access again later.


How can I install the Cloud PC VMWare Horizon Client on my computer?

Follow these instructions to install the Cloud PC VMWare Horizon Client on your own computer.

Follow these instructions to install the Cloud PC VMWare Horizon Client on your Mac computer.


Where can I download the Cloud PC VMWare Horizon mobile app?

Download the iOS or Android app and enter the server name: